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The Transcript of an Extraordinary 10 Day Seminar Exploring Sexuality & Aliveness

Led by Gregory Charles, The Aussie Relationship Guru

CAN YOU IMAGINE being on a path towards having your ideal relationships and not having to settle for less? Of being the chooser and creator of that path and not a victim of others, or of circumstances?

JOIN ME on an extraordinary transformational journey with 40 people who participated in my 10-day Sex and Aliveness seminar, taking huge leaps in the quality of their relationships and sexual experiences, some saving their marriages and relationships, some reporting the best sex ever and having much improved orgasms from a deeper place in themselves.

YOU WILL LEARN a whole new way of looking at yourself, your relationship with you and the choices you make, and how to change choices, patterns and behaviors that control you, limit you or hurt you. THE BENEFIT IS CLEAR: that you will then be able to make much more fulfilling and healthy choices, and heal old limiting hurts and beliefs, and you will learn how to begin that in ways that are beyond any knowledge currently available. THIS IS LEADING EDGE INFORMATION that will give you the power to inspire yourself to go for and create, your highest visions of you.

I DISCOVERED SIMPLE SECRETS that changed my life radically in all of my relationships and in enjoying and deepening my sexuality! Over the years I have taught tens of thousands of people around the world, in talks and seminars, and millions through media appearances like Good Morning America, the BBC, and MTV. As well I have lectured in international universities including the London School of Economics, UCLA and UC Boulder and profiled in Australia’s Newsweek.

THE GOING DOWN UNDER E-BOOK WILL SHOW YOU that it is possible to change the consensus reality that tells us certain things about sex and relationships are fixed, real and immutable, when in fact YOU CAN CREATE A NEW PARADIGM to have them the way you want them!

RECEIVE EXTRAORDINARY VALUE - Now you can have access to the entire Going Down Under seminar course, which is valued at $5,000, for only $17. The Going Down Under e-book is the culmination of a lifetime of learning, traveling, my own relationships, study, innovation, testing and proving that WHAT IS OFFERED WORKS and in that sorting through all the junk that either does not work or works poorly. For just $17 you get a priceless amount of knowledge in your hands. Of course you can also spend many years to reinvent this wheel, but why would you? 

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - For 30 years I have had an unconditional money-back guarantee of value for everything I offer, because I know I offer world class value. So of course that guarantee also applies to this e-book.

THIS IS YOUR TIME NOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! Let this e-book serve you in finding the answers you want on how to have more fulfilling and satisfying sex and relationships.

Table of Contents

Day 1

Energy Release, Beliefs and Conditioning, Initiating, Breaking Patterns, Growing Commitments, Handling Responses, Power Games

Day 2

Emotional Armor, Taking Steps, Excellence/Integrity, Survival Techniques, Creating Dreams, Selfish Giving, Right and Wrong, Handling Death, Indulging

Day 3

Head Trips, Reclaiming Personal Value, Needs and Fantasy, Getting 'Bad', Being Reasonable, or Not, Keeping Commitments, Keep Asking, Paralysis, Honesty, As Within, So Without

Day 4

Learning to Open, Drugs, Energy Exchange, Identity, Illusion, Identify With Our Act, Emptiness and Power, Being Centered, Chi Force, Being and Feeling, Being Observer, Taking Risks, Morality and Hypocrisy, Self Trust, Reflections, Breaking Patterns, Learning to Practise, Acknowledging, Institutionalization of Values, Perfection, Masks, Reflections

Day 5

Disconnecting, Awakening, Reflections, Fast Track, Boredom, Reality, Power, Detachment, Clarity, Inner Voices, Communications, Boundaries, Hard or Soft, Clear Communication, Feeling Release, Money

Day 6

Orgasm not Ejaculation, Homosexual Fears, Fantasies and Feelings, Authority, Roles and Value, Possession, Entities, Same Sex Comfort, Lost and Searching, Trust, Letting Go , Confusion, Living Treasure, Completion, Being Present, Belonging, Owning Our Drama

Day 7

Fear, Rejection, Acceptance, Discrimination, Hypocrisy, Capitulation, Commitment, Personal Power, Leadership, Service , Surrender, Trust
Mastery, Leaders in our Own Lives, Surrender to our Commitments, Not Selling Out, Giving Ourselves Permission

Day 8

Escape, Fear, Living Lies, Evidence, Being Real, Saying No, Risk, Determination, Courage, Embarassment, Self Image, Forgiveness, Consequences, Agreements , Acknowledging Mistakes, Truth, Courage to State it, Our Greatest Gift

Day 9

Love and Value Self, Craziness, Taking Control, Fanatics, Payoff & Price, Integrity, Create Value, Real Prostitution, Signs, Unconditional, Love, Hard & Easy, Committed Commitment, Not Knowing, Repulsion, Being Stuck, Requests, Risk and Sacrifice, Prostitution

Day 10

Fantasies, Stepping Out, Prosperity, Abundance, Your Space, Boundaries, Creating Your World, Media Madness, Be Where You Are, Enjoy Now

Gregory's new book

The raw and no-holds-barred transcript of an extraordinary 10 day seminar on sexuality, intimacy and aliveness.

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