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How to Create A Truly Loving Relationship

Truly loving successful relationships must respect the fact that we are all separate and unique people each walking our own paths, with our own lessons, challenges and tests. Each must have their own needed experiences.   | Read More

Do Open Marriages Work?

The better question would be: CAN open marriages work? The simple answer is: Yes, they work for many people... but are not for everyone. It really is a case of different strokes for different folks.   | Read More

Parenting - Sanity and Health

Lessons I learned in Bali. An extract from my forthcoming © 2012 book. - I was at my friend's home in Bali, with he and many of his family (four wives and twenty kids!). His five-year-old daughter picked up a plate from the dinner table and smashed it on the floor. I was shocked. Not so much because she did it, but that no one else even blinked, no one stopped talking. It was as if it hadn’t occurred.  | Read More

Lies, Lies, Lies - and You Want a Good Relationship?

Early after arriving in America TIME Magazine had a cover that simply said “Lies, Lies, Lies - Everyone is Doing It”. The article inside talked about how in America lying to each other - at every level of society - personal, business, politics, international - had reached plague proportions. That was 20 years ago! As a just-arrived Aussie I read the article and had no way to appreciate just how deep the problem really was. That took many years, many broken promises, many let-downs, disappointments and disillusionments before I too ‘knew’ what it was to be American in this society.  | Read More

Why Do Men Cheat?

The more interesting and informative question would be : why do some men, and some women “cheat”?  | Read More

Attitudes and Beliefs About Sex

Sex is a real fucker. We want to do it, enjoy, have fun, feel good. It's free, it's nearby, everyone has the necessary equipment and it doesn’t even have to take long or be very messy! It is a Golden Opportunity to play!   | Read More

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