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Power Relationships - Dominance & Submission

(Originally published in Sunday newspaper in Denver, Colorado as “The Baptists Take a Licking”) - The Southern Baptists come in for a public lashing from media and "liberals" for pronouncing that henceforth a Good Christian Wife will be a servant to her husband. What is really at issue here?  | Read More

Are Women Their Own Worst Enemies?

One of the reasons is that I say "yes", based on 30 years of giving personal transformation seminars around the world to thousands of men and women, is that a large percentage of women who read this headline will immediately go into emotional reaction.
  | Read More

What Business and Marketers Don’t Know About Millennials…

I had the pleasure of living just off-campus in my ‘magic cottage’ in Boulder CO for several years, surrounded by students from this group, and most nights had from 6 to 20 crammed into my cottage until 2 or later in the morning.   | Read More

Your Limiting Mind

The mind is the tyrant of our culture. It is God. We believe it, value it, trust it, venerate it… many people think we are it.  | Read More

How To Become More Conscious In Life

I am often surprised at how many people talk about consciousness and becoming conscious, or enlightened, and offer tools, tips and techniques, approaches and disciplines for attaining it, and envelop all of that in a generic ‘human consciousness movement’ without actually ever talking about what it IS.  | Read More

How To Merge Desire and Spirituality…

We are human beings being human, with a great attraction for earthly, physical pleasure, for sensual delights, for desires expressed. We live by our senses, we are hard-wired to be in touch with our bodies and our surroundings. Our senses having been an integral part of our survival as we emerged from the animal towards the human. Sadly in Medieval times the Church decided that the senses were the province of the animal, not a part of a higher, closer-to-God human, and so relegated the senses to hell and perdition, to be joined by any foul person who enjoyed the pleasures they afforded.  | Read More

So, Who IS Right?

I hear endless discussion among people, including in the media, in government, in fact in every corner of society, about who is right and who is wrong and then the needed conversation about apportioning blame. Yawn. What a waste of time. And worse, generally when people are presenting, nay, fighting for their right to be right, they get quite heated because their personal reality is being challenged.  | Read More

Clear Communication

Clear communication is the basis of good relationship and almost everyone makes a simple, basic and profound error when talking. An example: Bob Dylan being interviewed; the interviewer asked “So what is it like to be Bob Dylan?” Dylan responded “Well, you know when you go in front of 50,000 people you have to be deeply affected. You… “ and so on. 
  | Read More

Manifesting Now

We do not need to learn TO manifest - every second of our life, our whole life, is manifested by us!  | Read More

Love Guru: Celebrating The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama celebrated his 80th birthday on Monday 6th July, 2015 with about 5,000 people at an event in Irvine California - and told us that the doctors say he will likely live to be 110 while he dreams that he will live to be 113. I do hope he is right.   | Read More

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