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Love Guru: Who do You Be?

Big questions and big issues... how about asking "Who am I supposed to BE?" Our American society squashes THAT question with "what am I supposed to DO?" because DOing is what is required in a consumer culture. It is the same question as "What sort of product(ion) am I meant to be to best sell myself, to be 'wanted' in the human marketplace?"  | Read More

Love Guru: What is Your Story?

Here is some of mine to get you thinking more about yours.  | Read More

Love Guru: Your Key to Health or Hell

We are so poised to launch into our new life. Over the past few weeks and months we have been turning things around, turning old habits on their head, turning over new leaves, turning the other cheek... we have been doing a lot of turning, a few pivots and some pirouettes just for dramatic flair.  | Read More

Love Guru: Join The Human Stroll

As a kid growing up I always thought it strange for us all to be identified as being in a race: The Human Race. Then it made more sense as I realized most people just race through life towards some distant goal, then die. Not my idea of a fun time at all, so at some point along the way I announced that I was resigning from The Human Race and creating The Human Stroll, and invited others to join me.  | Read More

Love Guru: Narcissism or Not

We are talking about boundaries and this week brings them into sharp focus. Where and on whom we place our attention will have a big impact on the value, growth and expansion we gain in the coming months. This is brought into sharp focus with the Leo Full Moon this week, but is a perennial issue for most people: Where do I start and end in relationship with others? How much do I share, or keep? What is the balance?  | Read More

Love Guru: It Is All In Your Head

This week we have more balance between our bodies and our intellects and so are better able to appraise and digest the lessons we have been gathering of the material world, including our bodies.  | Read More

Love Guru: You Lucky, Lucky human

Always remember that you already are wealthy beyond the dreams of kings past just by dint of the fact that you have a computer to read these words on, so stop complaining, stop forgetting that you are blessed with richness and abundance and every day remind yourself of it and live the truth of it!!  | Read More

Love Guru: Happy Anger

That sounds like the ultimate contradiction, whereas it is actually a deep and profound paradox we will be confronting if we remain open and honest to our emotional state. For this week, and at other times in our lives, we have huge openings to much happiness, great expansion, joy and knowing that life works and is all good.  | Read More

Love Guru: Manifesting Mistakes

So often when I hear people talking about manifesting in their lives – and I hear this from so-called  personal growth experts  as well as from regular people who are practicing the art and magic of manifestation – they referred to manifesting as the times when you create what you wanted as if you have nothing to do with what manifests in your life that you don’t want.  | Read More


As a young hippie I totally bought into the notion that all we needed was love. I took that to mean that all I needed to get through life, and go through life, and have the full experience, the complete journey, that all I needed to do was to approach and interact from a place of love.  | Read More

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