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A PERFECT DAY : January 1, 2018

(VISIT my “AUSSIE RELATIONSHIP GURU” page on Facebook to see some of the photos I took on this day, at    On the evening of January 1, 2018, I wrote: “Today I have experienced as possibly the most wonderful day of my life. It has constantly felt like my Life was unfolding from moment to moment, choice to choice, steps and smiles along the way as all being in perfect alignment and harmony with where I was exactly meant to be, and thus I keep reminding myself that I have arrived in the place that I have held as my ideal vision of Me and my life and I have arrived. I made it, in both meanings of that term: I made it (manifested and created it), and I made it (finally arrived)!!  | Read More

Why American Cultural Hegemony is Waning

A perfect example of America polluting the cultural lives of hundreds of millions of people beyond its own borders - affecting not just belief systems but quality of health care options, the imprisonment of uncounted thousands of people around the world in the American gulag, affecting the harmony and well-being of families, the denigration of citizens and the removal of simple rights - and that has been the illegality of a weed, a relative of the tomato plant, that George Washington himself declared would become the backbone of the American economy and that weed is of course: Marijuana, Reefer. Spliff, Ganja and a myriad other names along with exotic strands with different effects, such Maui Wowee, Durban Poison, AK47 and a hundred more.  | Read More

It’s Time to End The Personal Wars and Control Trips

One of the glaring aspects of American culture for the visiting (Austr)alien is the degree to which so many people live in a version of dominance and submissive power, not as conscious choice which is healthy and can be an extremely productive relationship - as we see in the military and other strong institutions, but as unconscious program-driven choices to be in control of the other.   | Read More

Power Relationships - Dominance & Submission

(Originally published in Sunday newspaper in Denver, Colorado as “The Baptists Take a Licking”) - The Southern Baptists come in for a public lashing from media and "liberals" for pronouncing that henceforth a Good Christian Wife will be a servant to her husband. What is really at issue here?  | Read More

What Business and Marketers Don’t Know About Millennials…

I had the pleasure of living just off-campus in my ‘magic cottage’ in Boulder CO for several years, surrounded by students from this group, and most nights had from 6 to 20 crammed into my cottage until 2 or later in the morning.   | Read More

Love Guru: Manifesting Life

If you read this Blog last week you’ll recall I had to move house FAST and had nowhere to go and no resources to go there. Well, no tangible resources...  | Read More

Love Guru: Medical Madness

I always get to chuckle when ‘experts’ in the medical profession - and others - ridicule alternate healing, or as it is also know, complimentary medicine.  | Read More

Love Guru: Who do You Be?

Big questions and big issues... how about asking "Who am I supposed to BE?" Our American society squashes THAT question with "what am I supposed to DO?" because DOing is what is required in a consumer culture. It is the same question as "What sort of product(ion) am I meant to be to best sell myself, to be 'wanted' in the human marketplace?"  | Read More

Love Guru: What is Your Story?

Here is some of mine to get you thinking more about yours.  | Read More

Love Guru: Join The Human Stroll

As a kid growing up I always thought it strange for us all to be identified as being in a race: The Human Race. Then it made more sense as I realized most people just race through life towards some distant goal, then die. Not my idea of a fun time at all, so at some point along the way I announced that I was resigning from The Human Race and creating The Human Stroll, and invited others to join me.  | Read More

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