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Trump: Thinking the Unthinkable

The media pundits keep scratching their heads asking why Trump and his supporters in DC are doing what they are doing, and then giving all manner of explanations to their own questions. As rational people they keep seeking rational explanations within the system they live in.  | Read More

A PERFECT DAY : January 1, 2018

(VISIT my “AUSSIE RELATIONSHIP GURU” page on Facebook to see some of the photos I took on this day, at    On the evening of January 1, 2018, I wrote: “Today I have experienced as possibly the most wonderful day of my life. It has constantly felt like my Life was unfolding from moment to moment, choice to choice, steps and smiles along the way as all being in perfect alignment and harmony with where I was exactly meant to be, and thus I keep reminding myself that I have arrived in the place that I have held as my ideal vision of Me and my life and I have arrived. I made it, in both meanings of that term: I made it (manifested and created it), and I made it (finally arrived)!!  | Read More


Good revolutionary energy for sure with the Sun just gone into Aquarius.  | Read More

So, Who IS Right?

I hear endless discussion among people, including in the media, in government, in fact in every corner of society, about who is right and who is wrong and then the needed conversation about apportioning blame. Yawn. What a waste of time. And worse, generally when people are presenting, nay, fighting for their right to be right, they get quite heated because their personal reality is being challenged.  | Read More

Clear Communication

Clear communication is the basis of good relationship and almost everyone makes a simple, basic and profound error when talking. An example: Bob Dylan being interviewed; the interviewer asked “So what is it like to be Bob Dylan?” Dylan responded “Well, you know when you go in front of 50,000 people you have to be deeply affected. You… “ and so on. 
  | Read More

Love Guru: You Lucky, Lucky human

Always remember that you already are wealthy beyond the dreams of kings past just by dint of the fact that you have a computer to read these words on, so stop complaining, stop forgetting that you are blessed with richness and abundance and every day remind yourself of it and live the truth of it!!  | Read More


As a young hippie I totally bought into the notion that all we needed was love. I took that to mean that all I needed to get through life, and go through life, and have the full experience, the complete journey, that all I needed to do was to approach and interact from a place of love.  | Read More

Love Guru: Soul mates

Groucho Marx famously said: “I would not want to be a member of any club that would have me.” Likewise most people want soul mates who are way more wonderful, loving, perfect than they are! Not going to happen. So how do we find a soul mate? Simple.   | Read More

Love Guru: Get Kinky

It is time to break out after a period of deep renewal, and the energy breaking out is that of our creativity and sexuality and further, it is pushing us hard to do so in new and unusual, unconventional and kinky ways. It is pushing us to push our limits far out past where they have been, to try new things, test new waters, play new games. Practically, it means to follow something I have proposed for many years: “The only thing to do with temptation is to give into it!”  | Read More

Love Guru: Ready?

Are you feeling it? This past week’s energy, plus the next two, are rocking and rolling, crashing and sinking, eating and digesting, remodeling and renovating, burning and rebuilding our old lives and geo-forming our new world - internally, externally and globally. For me it has meant developing physical symptoms referred to as a ‘cold’ or the ‘flu’ by medicine and I call emotional assistants, to make me move in certain ways in my life and in this case force me to stop: to stop almost everything so that since the eclipse last Monday I have spent about 20 hours a day in bed either sleeping, dozing, napping or simply laying with my eyes closed.  | Read More

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