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Trump: Thinking the Unthinkable

The media pundits keep scratching their heads asking why Trump and his supporters in DC are doing what they are doing, and then giving all manner of explanations to their own questions. As rational people they keep seeking rational explanations within the system they live in.  | Read More

Power Relationships - Dominance & Submission

(Originally published in Sunday newspaper in Denver, Colorado as “The Baptists Take a Licking”) - The Southern Baptists come in for a public lashing from media and "liberals" for pronouncing that henceforth a Good Christian Wife will be a servant to her husband. What is really at issue here?  | Read More

Love Guru: Life Shake Anyone?

As we approach the culminating connection between 2 major, slow, powerful planets - Uranus and Pluto - their effects on us, and on our world, will be more apparent. Bear in mind that these began several years ago and look at the roller coaster the world, and most people, have been on.  | Read More

Love Guru: Happy Anger

That sounds like the ultimate contradiction, whereas it is actually a deep and profound paradox we will be confronting if we remain open and honest to our emotional state. For this week, and at other times in our lives, we have huge openings to much happiness, great expansion, joy and knowing that life works and is all good.  | Read More

Love Guru: Facing Challenging Times

I do know only too well how tough that one is having spent a decade there, day to day.
And I do know how debilitating it is to heart, soul and spirits to keep the faith. For me there were some key daily (and sometimes hourly) practices I used.   | Read More

Love Guru: Nothing But The Truth

“The Truth… the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help me God.” No wonder they add “so help me God”. To know and tell the whole truth you will certainly need some of God’s help, or some God's help. This judicial oath is utterly misleading. It makes the absurd, arrogant, and audacious supposition that anyone could state the whole truth from a witness box.  | Read More

Love Guru: Dare To Be More

This week we are challenged in a rather hard way... the Universe is posing the question: are you willing to go through unpleasant, even painful feelings, in order to get more value... more of your inner gold?   | Read More

Love Guru: Ready?

Are you feeling it? This past week’s energy, plus the next two, are rocking and rolling, crashing and sinking, eating and digesting, remodeling and renovating, burning and rebuilding our old lives and geo-forming our new world - internally, externally and globally. For me it has meant developing physical symptoms referred to as a ‘cold’ or the ‘flu’ by medicine and I call emotional assistants, to make me move in certain ways in my life and in this case force me to stop: to stop almost everything so that since the eclipse last Monday I have spent about 20 hours a day in bed either sleeping, dozing, napping or simply laying with my eyes closed.  | Read More

Love Guru: Living The Journey

(A letter to a friend responding to hers...)

 As to the law of attraction - it was interesting to watch the Abraham video and see what I am and am not doing and where I diverge from their teaching... it basically comes down to what I call The Law of Timing and Value. Nothing will really change until we own it AND get the value of having created it, then it - the lesson or test or challenge - is done and the next set gets presented.   | Read More

Love Guru: Functioning in Confusion

In our lives we go through periods of confusion, sometimes great and deep, sometimes for small periods of time.  | Read More

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