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Handling Money Stress - letter to a friend

EVERY day when you rise, spend a moment or ten and acknowledge it and yourself... like: "I am still choosing to learn profound and important life lessons about money and value. I love and value myself SO much I am willing to go through much fear and pain to learn these lessons."  | Read More

Value, Money and Struggle

A letter to my friend: Like I did at one point in my life, you are moving through so many lessons, and letting go of so many issues, as a direct result of your money struggles. The big lesson I got that began the end of the struggle was to really see that no matter how desperate things looked, or how scared I was, the Universe ALWAYS provided for me to survive, and once I really got that my survival is ALWAYS assured I started to let go of the fear and anxiety, and to trust that I really am safe and protected... and at that point my prosperity began to grow again.  | Read More

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