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Love Guru: Sexy Self Loving

The energies of this week are wild, alive, unpredictable, sexual, loving and needing to break out and explore, to let go of the old and venture into the new. As well it involves our heart, love and value and the opportunity to bring them all together into the one space, at one time, instead of splitting the different aspects of ourselves off and compartmentalizing them.  | Read More

How to Break Through Intimacy Blockages

When I was nineteen I got laid. I lost my virginity. I was very clear that I did not believe in the Church’s beliefs about sex, so I knew what didn’t work for me. I also realized I didn’t know what did work for me. So I set out to find out what was true for me.  | Read More

Different Strokes

I have always liked the axiom but never as much as when it was applied to sex and sexuality. If there is any aspect of life that we humans participate that we need the axiom to apply then sex and sexuality is it.  | Read More

How to Create a Better Sex Life

The simplest answer to that is to create a better life! I am not being glib here. If the question is just asking about expanding the number of sexual positions you use, then buy a good version of the Karma Sutra or The Joy of Sex and work your way through the book.  | Read More

Attitudes and Beliefs About Sex

Sex is a real fucker. We want to do it, enjoy, have fun, feel good. It's free, it's nearby, everyone has the necessary equipment and it doesn’t even have to take long or be very messy! It is a Golden Opportunity to play!   | Read More

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The raw and no-holds-barred transcript of an extraordinary 10 day seminar on sexuality, intimacy and aliveness.

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